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Grace Langton


An experienced teacher and youth worker, Grace has a passion for the art and the science of improving learning and wellbeing outcomes for all young people. Much of her work has focussed on supporting students with disabilities and those students whose lives have been impacted by trauma or disadvantage. Grace has designed and implemented a range of training programs in schools, TAFE's, the university sector and in the welfare and juvenile justice settings. Grace has particular expertise around the ways in which schools can work with students who display challenging or adverse behaviours to support their capacity to engage and learn.  Grace began her career as a performing arts teacher and her work continues to be informed by an appreciation of play, laughter and joy in the classroom.



Thursday 2 April | 3.30pm (Christchurch)
Trauma informed positive education: strategies for your classroom

Monday 6 April |  1.30pm (Auckland)  
Trauma informed positive education: strategies for your classroom

For students to succeed they must feel like they belong in the classroom community. However, students on the margins struggle to understand themselves, let alone others and community feels like something for everybody else, not them. Vulnerable members of our classrooms need help to unearth the courage required to be included.


As teachers we possess great power to create the right environment for social and emotional inclusion to help students achieve their goals. This presentation will explore practical classroom belonging strategies to support all students.





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